About Us

The AIDS Consortium was established in 1992 by Justice Edwin Cameron, a constitutional court Judge of  and other HIVandAIDS activists. Its objective was to promote a non-discriminatory response to HIV and AIDS based on people’s basic human rights as enshrined in the South African constitution.

The founding document of The AIDS Consortium was the AIDS Charter, which sets out the basic human rights of people living with HIV and AIDS. This document remains central to the basis of the work of The AIDS Consortium; The AC was established as an independent NGO in Braamfontein at its first AGM in 1998 where 225 members ratified the constitution.

In July 2000 AC registered as a membership based Section 21 company bringing together a network of over 1000 AIDS Service Organisations (ASO’s) and individuals addressing the AIDS pandemic in Southern Africa.

Our Non-Profit Organisation registration number is 029-839-NPO